Stewed sparerib with five fruits (bag)

Cung Dinh’s classic instant noodle joined by pork ribs and five fruits flavor makes for a delicious meal. The texture of our noodle and the taste of our special bone broth are ready to be enjoyed in minutes. The perfect fuel for a long day. Enjoy Cung Dinh, convenience at the highest quality.



Packing capacity
per carton

Net weight

Gross weight
Carton dimension
Bag 30 bags/carton 80 2.81 415x330x110
Cup 24 cups/carton 68 2.56 370x283x240
Bowl 12 bowls/carton 80 1.53 435x290x160



Stewed sparerib with five fruits (bag)


Noodle: Wheat flour, shortening, tapioca starch, potato starch (10grams/kg) , salt, flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate (621), disodium 5’- inosinate (631),  disodium 5’- guanylate (627), yeast extract, thickener: guar gum (412), sodium carboxylmethyl cellulose (466), sodium hydrogen carbonate (500ii), sodium tripolyphosphate (451i), sodium hexametaphosphate (452i), Natural color: curcumin  (100i), Antioxidant: butylated hydroxyanisole BHA (320)

Spices: water, vegetable oil ,Salt, sugar, Flavor Enhancer: monosodium L-glutamate  (621), disodium 5’- inosinate (631),  disodium 5’- guanylate (627), 5 fruiting vegetables ( tomatoes, carrots, onion, kohlrabi, daikon) (20g/kg),  green onion, fresh garlic, cilantro, mixed spices,  yeast extract, Synthetic pork flavor in food, caramel 150d, paprika oleoresin (160c), preservation: potassium sorbate (202).                                                                        

Dried vegetable: (scallion, carrot, coriander), gluten wheat.

Nutrition facts: (per serving of 80g)
Energy: 362.70kcal
Lipid: 15.54g
Protein: 7.62g
Carbohydrate: 48.10g

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